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Default Is DD our E Smith?

All the articles point to a very intriguing change in our O-line, because it better fits the running style of DD. He did very well last year, but they think he can be far more effective with the new scheme. Apparently they are very impressed with his ability to find a hole no matter where it is and he doesn't need to be told where it will be. That says a lot. In fact that probably will make him even harder to defend against. It will make it easier for the linemen, because they just have to create a hole. Doesn't matter how its made. Once he's through the hole he runs very hard. I think the real question, however is, how does this affect Carr's protection. Will we be too loose? Is Wand going to really work out? Its hard to wait for TC to start, but there are certainly all kinds of hints on the horizon that we are on the move and a lot of people are starting to take notice.
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