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Default Re: Bud Adams is class act all the way

Originally Posted by Dan B. View Post
I think you are missing the point.

CJ looked just as good without VY's unstoppable option attack against us week 2. The Texans overcame his unbelievable rushing skills to win, mainly because Tennessee features the absolute worst pass defense in the National Football League. I do not believe that Vince plays Cornerback. And I haven't seen Tennessee do much to address this glaring weakness, other than play Buffalo, San Francisco, and Jacksonville -- three teams that just happen to be among the worst offensive teams in the NFL and thus unable to exploit the Titan's shortfalls.
true...i greatly fear the texans passing attack. greatly. all im saying is, tenn had time to march down and win the game. the texnas defense is mediocre and any qb worth his salt has to be able to make that drive. instead the unathletic texans' like unclutchness of KC derailed us before the drive could get going.

the texans played clutch on one drive, and if memory serves me (it probably doesn't this is just more conducive to my argument) didn't the texans break a huuuuuge play on that drive; ie, it wasn't clutch but just one great play? but they still shouldn't have won that game.

there no way vince is fumbling on a game winnign drive. he takes that same play kerry fumbled on and instead runs 8 yards before going out of bounds.

were hot, and with vince converting third downs all day long, the defense is getting to rest, which has been a major reason for their success on defense the last four years.

watchout houston, tennessee is hot
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