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Default Re: An interesting theory on VY, Jeff Fisher, and Bud Adams

well if you could address one detail ive brought up then i could talk with you. i most certainly believe everything ive said and i say it after watching every single titan snap for the last 3 and a half years....
u could have addressed how he converts first downs, eats clock, takes pressure off his rb's and opens the game up for them (eg cutback runs from linebackers and def ends who cant over pursue bc f vince's running ability, or how he forces a defensive player to man him every single third down which opens up passing lanes, or how he plays his best in the second half and 4th quarter when games are on the line (see his 6, thats right, 6! 4th quarter comebacks in 32 games started)

the titans went 10-6 the year everyone refers to him as being a "horrible" qb. obviously his numbers werent good, but he made things happen when he ahd to. if u watch titans games you know that.

so yes, i def mean what ive been saying

did u see him break a tackle and roll to the left 2 weeks ago only to throw a bullet to the sideline at full speed across his body 18 yards down field? no one in the league could have made that throw and he made it pinpoint.

if you are a fan, which i doubt, just sit back and watch
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