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Default Re: An interesting theory on VY, Jeff Fisher, and Bud Adams

db, i apologize for earlier post, thats a great response (eloquent as well!), but when i say you cant help who you support i mean it in a different sense. Subconciously when u feel as much passion for sports as im sure most of us do you cant control the emotion that comes out while watching.

i love love love the titans, but im so so so conflicted. to address youre brett favre comment, being a houstonian titan fan is not exactly like being born in bred in wisconsin with a team that never left. my heart is divided. i want houston to succeed in everything! this is the greatest city on earth. shoot, i have a hospital visit to my name following game 2 in chicagos south side. but having been away from houston for seven years ive lnever lived with the texans. they are less this city than i am, so in my opinion they owe me, not the other way around.

they owed me vince young, and they betrayed me. they didnt just betray me but they betrayed themselves and all of you who i care so deeply about. like i said, to watch the titans ive been going to sports bars every sunday since i turned 21 (usually alone bc no one gives a dam), so ive been watching the texans. i know the pain youre going through. the colts comebacks, the vy pain from 2006, the coaching and draftng failures mostly from the casserly era, all the goal line stands and redzone turnovers...i know its tough. i have the cure. hes houstons home grown hero and he was ready to do it on a third level for the locals.

passing on vince was like bud taking the oilers away. he was ticket in, and ive been dealing with my anger ever since. I CANT GET OVER IT, but i AM trying. im trying. goodluck next monday, because you really really really are gonna need it against vince (we had cj the first time, so dont tell me thats why u lose 2 weeks from nwo)

as far as bullick goes, he may be a good oilertitan fan, and i love him for that, but if he doubts vince young and voices these doubts and undercuts vince with comparisons to a loser like KC, then he stands in the way of Titan GLORY.
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