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Default Re: An interesting theory on VY, Jeff Fisher, and Bud Adams

according to wikipedia manning has a reg winning % of 66%, which drops when u include his 7-6 playoff record.

VY's official starting record is 21-11, so your right, that is less than 66%, however, many do not count his first game comming in against the nfls best team without having practiced with the starters at all. so i guess youre right, however, if u take that first game out, he is 21-10, which without doing the match has to be just under 70%.

but, i guess youre right....the fact that he is in the conversation is everything.

the guy wins....and that includes every single game hes played against houston

"'i like this, put him in the shotgun, let him throw. if its not there, let him run it. get it come the blitzers. vince young...on the run! vince young inside the 30. off he goes. vince young inside the 20, the 10. IT. IS. OVER! Vince young has done it again. a 39 yard touch down run to end the game in over time.''vince young has a flare for the dramatic and he has done it again!''what vince young can do, this is the most exciting player in the national football league'"

this video is even better:

-tears of joy that day
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