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Default Re: An interesting theory on VY, Jeff Fisher, and Bud Adams

i went to sleep everyday from the moment the texans got the number one pick till the day they took mario with my last little prayer before going to sleep, being that we take vince. mcnair wanted vince, kubiak didnt, they had just hried kubiak and had to let him pick his own qb. it really is a shame

have some sympathy for me.....i love sports. i love them. and i loved the oilers more than any sport team ever. I LOVED them. and then they left. and it was hard on all of us. instead of giving into my bitterness, i turned the tv on and watched my boys eddie and steve mcnair create a winning organization. and more importantly my uncontrollable joy would erupt everytime they won. Dont you see, you dont pick the sports team, they pick you. FURTHERMORE, there isn't a man on this board that lives and breathes his football team like i do. or atleast i hope not, its really a sad and pathetic existance

i compared vince to brady and montana only bc they are 2 of 3 qbs in NFL HISTORY, with a batter career record than vince with a minimum of 30 starts. thats a fact, thats all. obviously hes not as good as the two greatest qbs to ever live

as far as 87.5% of the time. well, its pretty simple. im a TITAN FAN. BUT, the texans only play the titans 12.5% of the time. i casually support the texans and want you all to do well, just not at the expense of my titans.

when and if vince leaves in the offseason i will definitely be faced with a tough decision. sadly ill probably become a texan fan if only bc my anger towards the titans will be palpable.

the truth is, my nfl life is a lonely existance where i go to sports bars every sunday for the last 6 years by myself to watch a team in tenn that no one in the world ever seems to care about. my houston friends wont support me, my father wont support all alone. alteast i have vince, and as long as he keeps winning at a joe montana pace, ill defend him with every ounce of energy i have.

btw, i was run off the message board at because i kept calling for the papers three main writers to be fired for their anti vy sentiments.

i jsut wanna win guys. i wish you all the best, but everything i have believed since 2001 tells me that Vince Young is going to win this game in the fourth quarter. who will eat crow when it happens? i promise to eat mine if vince gets worked over by the texans defense. I PROMISE
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