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Default Re: An interesting theory on VY, Jeff Fisher, and Bud Adams

ill agree that without running, vince is not a great qb, but when he runs for tds on long 3rd downs or goes 10 yrds before going out of bounds to extend a drive on third down, or when he breaks a couple of tackles and makes an amzing rollout to pinpoint someone down field with a lazer to the sideline to complete yet a nother first down, then yes he is GREAT

trade schaub for VY today and the texans make the playoffs THIS YEAR. Trade for him in the offseason and the texans are a one seed in next years playoffs. schaub is an avg qb in a system just like cutler was. he chokes with the game on the line and will never be a winner.

Houston needs VY...we really really do. I promise to change my name from titanfan to texanfanatic if it happens
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