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Default Re: An interesting theory on VY, Jeff Fisher, and Bud Adams

career winning % for QB's with atleast 30 starts. check the list.

but if you had actually read my post u would have understood that he does not get whole credit for the defense and running game, but he certainly gets part of the credit, and i have said why too.

a defense plays better when they get to rest. vy does nothing but move and move and move the ball some more

as far as completion % record, well obviously its not everything, but when his accuracu as a qb is the thing he is most oftened questioned over than his improving completion percentage and already high number serves to disprove the doubters.

why cant you all admit he is good, and that u hope you are able to beat a good qb who comes into town with extra motivation?

the whole world has gone mad! i feel like a 2004 voter after george w bush had imploded the world and was going back for more.

lets play a hypothetical game: what will u say when the titans dominate the ball, and vince leads another 4th quarter winning drive (his 7th in less than 2 full seasons, which would put him ahead of elway's pace for 4th quarter comebacks per start)??? probably that CJ is the reason we dominated clock and then point out a couple of lucky plays on the final drive. theis convo is going no where

vince could be superbowl mvp and u people would still rip on him. its disgusting and classless.

you better watch out, you better not cry, bc vy is coming to town. his town and his stadium

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