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Default Re: An interesting theory on VY, Jeff Fisher, and Bud Adams

Originally Posted by Double Barrel View Post
Wow, he did that all by himself. You're right, he's amaaaaaaaazing. He can win without the other 21 players...well, except for 11 of them.

W/L stats for QBs is lame. No other position is judged on that stat for a team sport, and it should be no different for QBs.
spoken like a true texan fan
if vy was hear, houston wouldve made the playoffs by now, garantee

and obviously he didnt do it by himeself. for half of them he did it with a team that was 0-5 before he took over and 0-6 before he took over another year.

the simple truth is, he makes others around him play better for a myriad of reasons. the two most obvious: vince is a 24/7 motivator whose confidence is infectious, and 2nd and most importantly, he just burns clock, giving everyone more energy (especially our defense)
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