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Default Re: An interesting theory on VY, Jeff Fisher, and Bud Adams

car really set the record for completions in a row? i dont know what to think if thats true.....he was and is horrible

vince runs for first downs and make completions on third down. his teammates love him (he has an 0-6 team playing each game like its the superbowl--with the offense yelling for the defense and vice vera; a rarity in pro sports)

jeff fisher was my favorite coach of all time until about a year ago. he let his anti vy bias finally get the best of them. sure kc won at lot of games last year, but couldn't win the big ones. in fact our only tough win all of last year was over pittsburg, and thats because big ben made a ton of turnovers. fisher was great, and now hell be gone

anybody read to face john gruden or bill cower?
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