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Default Re: An interesting theory on VY, Jeff Fisher, and Bud Adams

Bud wanted Vince and Fisher didnt. Fish has held that grudge ever since, never fully embracing VY even after he took an 0-5 team to 8-8 (just look at his post game interviews after the texans or nyg's game of vince's rookie season. he doesn't even bring vince up--he couldn't admit being wrong, just like so many fans and analysts out there) and then the playoffs the next year. The thought that he has held Vince on the bench for his mental health is interesting but ultimately laughable. Common guys, Vince is getting paid millions to play. Furthermore, sitting on the bench would be much tougher on the psyche than playing football for a run first team.

I think what mojo failed to say was that Fisher has been proven wrong about Vince. Fisher should lose his job for this 0-6 start and deserves 0 credit for the 2-0 turnaround since Vince took over.

Fish is Vince's and the Titans' biggest problem. Watch out for the Titans to dominate the clock when they come to Houston. Vince and CJ leading the titans on long first down drives.

we're coming
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