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I dont think that McClain is arrogant either. He is matter of fact. He is certainly not smug like Jim Rome.

Now Romey is arrogant. Limbaugh is arrogant. McClain is not.

What I think that he brings is a local perspective to the Houston area. Most people in Houston are Texans fans. As they should be. After that fan loyaly falls to the Cowboys and then lastly to the Titans because they were the Oilers here for so long.

He writes for a local Nashville column as well and appears on the local sports radio in Tennessee just like he does for Sports Radio 610. So we will get some very good information from him about the Titans - as they too will get good information about the Texans. So there will be some natural spill over in his commentary about the Titans since that is an area of his knowlege base where he has a particular specialization.

Having said that, I would like to add one more point. I too am frusterated with the coverage of the Texans. Untill football season comes around there is essentially an informational void. It sticks in my crawl. There needs to be a Houston Texans TV station - or a Houston Texans live radio feed. That'd be nice. Though I seriously doubt it would ever come to fruitition.

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