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Default Re: Half-Season Texans Mock/Wishlist

Originally Posted by rmartin65 View Post
Ok, with half the season done I wanted to share my thoughts for who the Texans should draft next year. Please critique. Oh, I have the Texans picking in the mid-20's. Say 24.

My first wish is to trade up for Suh, Berry or Mays, in that order. If that could not happen, a trade down to get some more picks. I am also hoping the FO signs a veteran DT. For the purpose of this mock, there is no trading. However, the Texans do sign a startable DT.

1) Idaho OG Mike Iupati, 6’5” 330
I am starting to think the running games’ problem is not just the runningback. Yes, I don’t think Slaton is a legitimate starting back. A very good 3rd down back, a great receiver out of the backfield, but the fumbling is killing me. Add in the lack of power, and I just don’t see it. However, the offensive line is a problem. Both the OGs are injured, which hurts. Pitts is old though, and quite a few people were clamoring for a replacement for Brisel. Iupati is raw, after only starting football at 14, but has been progressing by leaps and bounds each year. He is a high reward type of player, and I really only worry about his level of competition.

2) Stanford RB Toby Gerhart, 6’1” 235
You all know I am a fan of Gerhart, notably because of his power, and the fact that he is very consistent. After seeing the team fail time and time again in short yardage situations, power back is a priority. This pick could change because Moats has been playing well, but let us wait until we see it week in and week out.

3) Florida State SS Myron Rolle, 6’2” 223
Rolle took a year off from football to further his education. This will hurt his stock, and make some team very happy next April. Rolle has all the attributes to make him a starting safety.

4) Indiana (PA) CB Akwasi Owusu-Ansah, 6’1” 205
Small school prospect with great measurables, he shuts down half the field at his level. He can double as a returner, which can only increase his value.

5) Notre Dame S Kyle McCarthy, 6’ 210
McCarthy plays SS at Notre Dame, but he has been a ball hawk all year. He is a very solid tackler, and a blue collar work ethic kind of guy.

5) Oklahoma DT DeMarcus Granger, 6’2” 327
Granger is a hard player to place. He plays next to one of the best DTs in college, so that makes him look better. However, he is a monster that is very strong at the point of attack. Granger has the potential to be a dominant run stopper. He suffered a pretty bad injury last year, it should be looked at.

6) Hillsdale OT Jared Veldheer, 6’8” 321
An athletic freak that has been dominating D2. Definitely a project pick, but with a very high ceiling.

7) Florida International QB Rusty Smith, 6’5” 230
7th rounder, so I was trying to think of a position where the player could take a few years to develop. Schaub is an upper tier QB, no doubt. But face it, he wont stay healthy all year every year. And the thought of Orlovsky backed up by Grossman (or the reverse) does not instill me with confidence. Smith has a pro arm and just needs to work on the nuances of the game.
Cost too much to trade up to top 10 maybe top 5 for guys you list.

1. Your OG while fast for 330lbs is too big and too many good guards & tackle converts to use up a first. Studdard is coming on strong and Myers and Caldwell will start remainder of this season. I think Myers and Caldwell may switch positions but Kubes really likes Myers at center.
2. Gerhart I had at #2 also, but if Moats is the real deal and Kubes does not get him killed being "set up the pass with the run" guy, we will see Moats/Slaton/Brown next year.
3. Your going to draft a SS when Pollard has revitalized your D? He is only 25.
4. I like your CB but I'm not taking a corner here.
5A. Two SS? Maybe one here if Ferguson & Barber are cut.
5B. I like a big nasty here but if you sign one in free agency? Also, if our lighter DTs continue to do well, forget Kubes signing or drafting a big boy. In fact Okam will prob be gone.

I have to change my board as Texans keep winning and we keep dropping in the draft order. LOL
Picking at # 19
1. Haden CB I think Dunta will be on roster either another tag or he will get a long term deal with both Smith and DE compromising. Reeves will be the other starter. Quinn is good and I'd move him to FS next year but I don't think Gary will. He does like CBs and a 1st round may help DR to sign. If DR is signed for only one more year, you have either Quinn or Haden to replace him.
2. Gerhart RB is still my favorite & I have him to replace C. Brown. At 6'1" 235 with 5.5 WR speed, he is too good to turn down regardless of how Moats/Slaton do. I do not repeat do not think Smith will go RB.
3. Jerome Murphy S. FLorida 6'1" CB/FS/KR with 4.48 speed is my FS if Quinn stays at corner. Wilson may last another year.
4. Thomas Austin OG/C/OT Clemson 6'3" 310lbs 5.16 "good feet & sets like an anchor". Will be a Caldwell type and may beat Brisiel out. First off the bench.
5A. Eric Olsen C/LG/OT Notre Dame 6'4" 305lbs 5.26. Started 12 g at LG & moved to C this year. May be gone by this pick. He will be solid.
5b. Tyler Sash SS Iowa 6'1" 210 A fellow poster turned me on to this guy and he blows me away. 5 INTs last year and 5 so far (before Saturday's win over Indiana. He had at least one INT a return for 86 yds and 6 points).
I want to be able to recognize the difference between a "want" and a "need" and then I want to be satisfied with getting a need
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