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Default Re: Crabtree, Antonio Bryant or Braylon Edwards

Originally Posted by Texecutioner View Post
I forgot that Slaton was one of your three top backs. You will need Moats for sure then.

Yeah, Slaton is going to be very risky at this point unless this last game gets him going again like it did the last time he was benched. If Moats continues to play well Kubes could end up making it a committee and that could ultimately become the smarter thing to do any way if Moats can keep getting nice gains. Slaton should still be in for some pretty big games this season, but if not Moats will be a good hand cuff to have if he gets more and more in the dog house.
Glad you guys confirmed my thinking. Bryant has had a few good games lately, but I think if I am starting anyone I am starting Steve Smith and a mixture of either Derrick Mason/Nate Burleson/Braylon Edwards/Michael Crabtree depending on matchups.

From what I have seen so far though, Crabtree shows real starting potential. I am really glad I picked him up.
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