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Default Re: Crabtree, Antonio Bryant or Braylon Edwards

Originally Posted by Hardcore Texan View Post
I would probably drop Bryant.
Exactly what I was thinking.

Originally Posted by Texecutioner View Post
I would keep Vernon Davis for sure. He is the only option in the passing game other than Crabtree and you have to play a TE. Keep Davis for sure. If you don't want him, then trade him at least and get some value for him. You'd be carazy to just let him go though.
No way would I drop Davis. I was posting that because I was thinking of dropping Carlson. Seattle's offense has been pretty bad as of late and Burleson is the main target. But as I said, I am not sold enough on Davis (YET), to drop Carlson.

I would drop Bryant over Edwards. Bryant had that one good season last year where he over achieved. He's been inconsistent his entire career and also a hot head from time to time. He's in a terrible offense right now on a team with no leadership that's going nowhere and won't get any better at this point really. Edwards is inconsistent as well, but they will force the ball to him. They traded for him so that he could be their go to guy and they will make him that guy for better or worse.

I would drop Bryant for sure.
Exactly what I was thinking. You guys just confirmed it, so Bryant has been dropped. Hopefully no one ahead of me on the waiver wire goes after Moats.

But another thing to add is that with the RB's you have you probably don't "need" Moats. He would be good to add to any team for depth at this point, but make sure you're not picking him up just to pick him up. You've got plenty of good RB's and Moats will not be a consistent fantasy player most likely. He'll share carries with Slaton and Kubes will probably still stick with Brown on the GL for better or for worse. If Slaton fumbles again or remains ineffective in between the tackles and Moats continues to play well he might be a decent start, but I think you're other RB's would all start over Moats in any given week.
Agree completely. But I think I am too heavy at WR after signing Crabtree and have too many "project" WRs. Slaton has been starting for me and has done well the last few weeks but you never know what will happen. Slaton could keep fumbling and lose his starting role and the way Moats looked he could do something this year. So I think for my team and for my depth, I am better off getting another RB and dropping a WR. Would you agree?
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