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Default Re: Sidney Rice for Steve Smith (NYG)

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My team in my 12 man league is hot. I have Fitz and Sims-Walker and Rice on my bench. Another team wants Rice and is willing to give up Steve Smith of the Giants. He has had 2 pedestrian games but was still targeted. Rice has been hot but I think he may be hit or miss when the Vikes start running Peterson some games. I like the deal. We have decimal scoring. So .1 per yard(1 pt per 10) and .33 a reception. 6 pt TDs.
No question I would do it. I think the guy is nuts. Smith is Eli's favorite target and he never seems to have a "bad" game. He might not put up 15 points every week, but he likely will many weeks and I doubt you will see any weeks by him with less than 5 points. I am a big Steve Smith 2.0 fan.
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