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Originally Posted by Super Mario View Post
I am planning on offering Ronnie Brown to someone for Tom Brady and Greg Jennings.

Since Ronnie Brown's value is really high right now, I want to cash in on it. Of course he might just keep racking up 200 yard games, but that is doubtful.

I feel that Greg Jennings value is low right now after a couple of sub par games.

Also to note, the other player has Drew Brees as his starting QB. But Brees is on a bye this week. So Brady is just riding the pine and he is 1-3 so far, so I think he might get antsy.

I am in a 2 back league, with a flex for a possible 3rd RB. Without Brown I would have DeAngelo Williams, Carnell Williams, Derrick Ward, Ricky Williams, LeSean McCoy and Darren Sproles.

I am in a 2 WR league, with a flex for a possible 3rd WR. I have Randy Moss, Terell Owens, and Nate Washington.

My QB's are Matt Schaub and Matt Hasselbeck.

Thanks for any help.
It'd be a good deal if you can do it, but I don't know that you need to do it. As long as Schaub stays healthy, you are fine at QB (I know that's a big if) and you are pretty set at WR.
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