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Until the regular season gets here - I'm just speculating like everyone else

Hervoyel - Nope havent talked personally to every personel dept or commentator in the league - Certainly a summary on my part.

But I can quote more than a handful of sources and references and commentators and newspaper articles all pointing to it if need be. A list of over 10 sources off the top of my head. McClain and justice just did a radio show on the whole thing last week too. Not to mention, ESPN, HPF, Foxsports,CBSPortsline, Chronicle, SI, etc etc - the big issues to address before the draft for the Texans???? - O-line #1 on all of them. Go by most of the sports report sources around the league. The first thing when they talk about the Texans and improvement/draft etc - The O-line is the first topic usually listed. Sometime more than once.

Here are a few sources for those interested

And actually I looked at all of the things you earmarked about our O-line last year. I am trying to look at the big picture [ie-3 -4 years of developing time] and the lack of results with it thus far.

Stats: - yep they do lie on occasion - but 76 sacks in year one, 29+ in year two [i think] and 49 in year 3 dont all = rookie mistakes either. They equal somethign else which is my point. More than anything I think they equal lack of talent.

Your points on - First year positions for Pitts and Wand. But both were in therr 3rd year with the team, Wade in his 5th or 6th I believe. My point is these guys are pro-players, not amatuers, not rookies. They are paid to perform and honestly I expect better results for my money. I saw lack of effort, lack of planning and lack of talent. I pay for tickets and TV like everyone else and want a good pro-product on the field. What I have heard thus far is a lot of excuses on why thigns are not like this or that on the team and little responsability being shouldered by anyone except DC.

Scared of losing jobs - I am willing to make a friendly wager if you will. I am willing to bet you a Coca-Cola that if Carr keeps getting sacked this up-coming year like last year - That by mid-season Somebody in the coaching dept will be losing a job or Carr will be injured severely and somebody will lose a job. Not to mention Mr. Mcnair coming downstairs and basically telling Charlie & co - they will do something to fix the O-line. Results will happen one way or another.

My point is not just a month ago on the front page of the Texans site there is a post about lettign thigns gel and everything being fine - then almost a week or so later they are signing Riley, bringing in other guys for depth, moving wand around and talk of how it didnt work out.

Bottom line for anyone reading my comments - I am a fan #1 of the Houston Texans. I am just finding it hard to get excited about some of the choices I keep seeing over and over again by our front office and coaches. Lack of effort by the team or a player is easy to see, But lack of effort by coaches and planning - you dont see that until it's usually too late. The saying goes "People are paid for results - not excuses" is a pretty universal statement for most jobs. IMO keep hearing more excuses from the FO and seeing less results on the field.
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