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Originally Posted by Hervoyel
Enhance your calm man, it's going to be ok. Actually it's going to better than ok. It's going to be pretty damned good. I'm keeping copies of all these threads just so I can go back at the end of the year and hunt down all the chicken littles to ask them how they feel. This is going to be fun.
Remember Hervoyel it works both ways. May be we'll be able to come back and say I told you so. It's really funny though, because in actuallity I hope you guys are right about the improvement in the O-line. However, I don't think that will be the case unless there are some personnel changes in the O-line. I think most of us would say that McKinney is a big problem. A lot of the discussion centers around Wand - Pitts certainly wants that position though - but probably Wand is not as responsible as McKinney is for many of the problems. Its funny how another poster was commenting about how much better the 2nd year O-line's performance was and yet when I bring that up I'm castegated. Year 3 was something else and the O-line scheme change and everything else resulted in a not so good year. There's an old expression don't fix it, it ain't broken. I'm refering to year 2. It will be interesting to look back to year 3 and say was that the start of something good or the demise of something good. I think the verdict is out on this one.
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