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Originally Posted by TexansTrueFan
the line will be fine, yall all worry to much. Carr will not get sacked over 40 plus times this season. Thats a gurantee.
I'm glad you and some others have so much confidence in this line as everyone else I talk to does not along with almost every commentator and teams in the league. Stats dont lie - 49 sacks last year is an eye-sore and to say everything is hunky dorey - we dont need to draft - we dont need to trade - we just need to give them time to gel more. IMO this is just a smoke and mirrors company line they are trying to pass-off on us fans and Mr. Mcnair because the truth is the FO and coaches are scared of what will happen. Scared for their jobs because IMO - They know they have blown it and are now in full-blown CYA mode in reagrds to the O-line problem they have - thus they are NOW trying to bring in more FA players and address the line - after the fact - after 3 years of poor play, after 3 drafts of players have passed by, after 3 off-seasons and FA time has passed - They now address the issue. - This just blows my mind they get to keep their jobs.

Trust me I understand the 5 year plan and my thinking is its -

To little - too late

I could say a lot more and re-iterate past points, but until the regular season gets here - I'm just specualting like everyone else and I hope it dont turn out like I am speculating or it's going to be a long, long year
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