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New England took Mankins in the 1st round. He was and is a LT and protected Carr when he played at Fresno. I'm really interested in seeing how he develops at NE. Some said he would play G in the NFL, but the guy always plays better than people think. I thought he was a sleeper and so did NE. Mankins was picked up because the NE head coach and FSU head coach are very close friends. I think NE got an inside view on Mankins. I still say our priority is defense 1st and that's because of Capers. Their were a lot of people out there that thought we would make some moves to fix the O-line, but nothing obvious transpired. The young Center might make a bigger splash than people think and we have a couple of young FA's that might come on. Is it likely, NO. But then again you never know. I've been realtively unimpressed with the older FA's so far.
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