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Originally Posted by throwANDREtheBALL
I agree with you totally.

Its precisely why I think Palmer should be replaced..........I've heard enough of this "he's waiting for the players, before he opens up the whole playbook" That's such B.S. Andre Johnson is a PLAYER, if I ever saw one........and they didn't do much to try and get him moved around so the defense was always guessing where he would be.

Andre Johnson is our best player, we need to get him the ball now and not wait until they "open up the whole playbook"

TATB hit the nail on the head, Palmer doesn't have to open up the whole playbook, just the section that covers getting the ball in Dre's hands.
VY is the next Michael Jordan, stings doesn't it?
I wonder if we'll ever beat the Titans. I see rings in their future.
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