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Default Re: The All Encompassing FIRE KUBIAK thread

Originally Posted by Goatcheese View Post
As much as I love the offensive power house Kubiak has built here, he has made just horrible, awful, embarrassing personnel decisions.

Back to back shameful defensive coordinators, and a dreadful GM who is terrible at drafting, terrible at bringing in quality free agents, and terrible at keeping our own guys happy.

These people were brought here because Kubiak wanted them.

As great as I think he is, you can't surround yourself with turds and tell everybody to smell the roses. Either Kubiak needs to stand up and start firing these incompetents, or he is done.
I very much disagree with you about our GM being terrible at drafting. We have actually been pretty successful and his first rounders have been great, except for Okoye of course but essentially everyone was sold on Amobi. Everything else you say about him is right on.

I am with you that as much as I love Kubiak's offense, his defense is so terrible that I can't take it anymore. For the most part, the best head coaches are defensive minded head coaches. I don't know why that is but it sure seems to be the case in the NFL. You can find a good offensive coordinator to create a good offense, but it is much harder to find a stud DC because most of the great defensive coordinators become head coaches.