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Default Johnson being moved around....

It was a cold day in Pittsburgh, year 2000, when my brother and I screamed for the Steelers to draft Plaxico Burress to stretch the field......They did, "Promising" him opportunity to catch balls all over the field and become the next Swann or Stallworth. Well, it was still a cold day in Pittsburgh, still living there at the time, 2003, when I screamed for the Texans to draft Andre Johnson, and they did, "promising" him the same opportunity to catch balls all over the field.
Well folks, this scares me. With Dom Capers being a Bill Cowher Disciple, both having a habit of promising changes in the O-Game, then resorting back to "Smash-mouth football". Not saying if you have a good running back, to not take advantage of it, but where simply not built for that. This is a team made of speed now. I read on the site and got word from a Texan scout that they "PLAN" on using AJ in as many different options as possible, but how many of you really trust the Offensive "Genius" Palmer. Burress started out the same way, moving him all over the field, to eventually being used as a decoy. Now, I know Johnson is an entirely different style of player than Burress, but the similarities are scary to me.
Rookie year, show great signs of being great players (Burress gets hurt, but everyone could see the po) Year two, both had breakout years, both wear #80 (Burress now #17 w/ Ny Giants), both came from schools that used them for home run hits as wideouts, both excellent size, both had catching problems corrected by vision improvements, pro style offenses in college, smash-mouth styles in the pros, both quiet players in the locker room (Burress became vocal after year 3 and limited touches), & both have "QB struggles" (I think DC is progressing fine, but other fans not having enough faith in the QB, adding more pressure to his throws, and poor precision).
I for one am hoping the Texans really take advantage of Johnson's true ability and not fall under the clone offenses that many in the league use. Move the guy all over the field and make impossible match-ups for the defense. Take advantage of film on Terrell Owens, how the Eagles used him in many situations that took their offense to new levels and made Owens and McNabb's life easier. The O-line will have a better chance of protection, with the defense having to worry about more than one or two different sets. Otherwise, we could end up wasting our personal version of "Moss", "Owens", or "Harrison". Wait until Pittsubrgh sees this season, you'll never know what you had, until it's gone! Even Rothlisburger stated last season, games became more diificult for him, as they DOUBLED BURRESS THE ENTIRE GAME, and THE STEELERS MADE NO PERSONAL ADJUSTMENTS.....We don't have 3 Pro Bowl lineman to take Davis down the field every game. Either Johnson is used the way their stating now or our WR's and TE's become like Indy, and the matchu-ups open up all over the field. WE WIN! Otherwise, the O will sputter again. Let's hope for the best!
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