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Default Great Hands ?

The only Great Hands belong to Andre Johnson.

I keep hearing that its wrong to reach ?

I never said reach for anyone, trying to trade down anywhere in the 20-ish spots and take Chris Spencer would've been a great pick. plus in trading down would've brought us one or more picks.

AND if its wrong to come every single writeup on the draft that I've read said that TJ was a reach ? Seriously, I haven't read one site or article, other than TEXANS.COM........that said it was a good pick. Don't get me wrong I hope TJ does a great job. But, if these hands that we are in are SO great, then why did USA TODAY SPORTS WEEKLY give our draft a D ?

"D - bad values across board"

"BEST PICK Vernand Morency"

"SECOND GUESSING:Already minus their second-rounder, the Texans got no help this year in trading down three slots in the first round, then they made a questionable selection in DT TRAVIS JOHNSON. Johnson was a one-year wonder at Florida State and probably could have been had later in the first round. He is not strong enough to play nose tackle in Houston's 3-4 defensive front and might not be quick enough to play end."


Now I don't agree with everything they say so lets see what had to say

"Houston Texans draft - C+"
"The team sacrificed character for talent in a couple of cases. It didn't have great options in Round 1, and the selection of defensive tackle Travis Johnson reflected that."

quoted from "Draft grades for every NFL team"

so again more neutral experts that took the time to bash our first selection

lets go to

16 Houston Travis Johnson DT Florida State

"Pat Kirwan's Analysis
Travis Johnson is a bit of a surprise pick. I question his pass-rushing ability. He says he is great, but the numbers do not back it up -- some people consider him an underachiever. He will have to stay healthy and bring his game to the next level. More of a 4-3 tackler than a 3-4 end, but he does not lack confidence."

here's the link

OK so if we're in such great hands I expect them to pick a great player with their first pick, if they are going to trade down, then address your most pressing need by drafting a center. AND if you are going to pick a DT that can rush the passer, then draft one who is at least known more for rushing the passer then he is for stopping the run.

And out of all the stuff I read on the draft the best grade I ever saw was a C+ I saw a couple D's some C' B's

If we are in great hands, I want to at least get B's. AND I expect a great front office to get a guy that will start!

So when you say to me, the last thing we needed to do was start reaching in the first round..........well, that's exactly what we did.

P.S. I hope TJ proves the critics wrong and I'd also like to go on record that I liked the morency and mathis picks.........excellent value picks.
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