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You're right, the last time we faced them was in THE PLAYOFFS! We could compare stories about what that's like, but you'd have nothing to say. It's really just further proof of who was the better team last year.

As many have pointed out, last year was last year. However, you can't just say that last week was last week. Our teams looked dramatically different last week. Ours looked good, yours looked bad. It certainly doesn't make any guarantees about what will happen this week, but it isn't a good sign for you.

Feel free to feel optimistic about your chances this week, you've only got a few weeks less before you'll have far too much proof against you to be optimistic.

I expect you to score more points than you did last week, but not enough. Our offense has improved, your offense has sputtered so far. You definitely will not have a top five offense again this year, and it sure didn't look like your defense improved.

Our special teams is an area that worries me, but we've got our punt returner back, so as long as we avoid big mistakes, I think we'll be fine.

Again, good luck, but I think that you're headed for 0-2...
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