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Default Re: The All Encompassing FIRE KUBIAK thread

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I'm a little puzzled by the calls to get James Casey on the field as a spark for the offense. Hell guys keep it simple how about getting it to all pro WR Andre Johnson?! How about trying to get the ball to pro bowl TE OD?!

Other then that comment you're spot on.
With Kevin Walter out, we needed as many weapons on the field as possible to keep the pressure off of Andre. AD is not a #2 WR; he never has been and never will be. He is a good situational deep threat. So with that being the case, we needed to alter our game plan a bit and get some good possession guys on the field to open the field up for Andre. Kubiak was an ***** for thinking he could run up the middle with Slaton, so that took Slaton out of the game. Then all the Jets had to do was key in on Andre and OD. Guess what: it worked.

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Why keep 4 TE's if you are going to deactivate half of them? What's up with that?

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Always the same thing. At the end of a year, he ALWAYS says " I should have used the kid more". When somethingisn't working, you have to try and shake it up a bit. Try a different match up. Just so annoying to say this in the 4th year.
Yep. Kubiak: "Well this one's on me. I should have gotten the kid out on the field and given him a chance. blah blah blah."