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Default Re: The All Encompassing FIRE KUBIAK thread

Man, I am depressed..... This might be the most depressed I have ever been as a Texans fan. I am really getting the feeling that Kubiak has got to go. Now before you jump on me and say I have been a Kubiak supporter, I will say you are correct. I am not saying we should fire Kubiak today. But if something doesn't change, I wouldn't be opposed to a mid-season change.

4 things stand out to me about Kubiak

1. He is arrogant enough to think that his offensive play calling is so stellar that the QB doesn't need to call audibles. I have asked this before, and I hope someone more knowledgeable than me will answer this, but are there any other coaches that do this? What good QB in this league is not allowed to audible out of the play that is called?? Isn't Schaub supposed to be one of those good, intelligent QBs??
2. He is arrogant enough to think that we can run first pass second against a Rex Ryan defense.
3. He is arrogant/ignorant enough to believe that no adjustments need to be made because his offensive genius is superior to the defensive genius of a Rex Ryan. The game plan obviously wasn't working, so why did we come out in the 3rd and run the exact same game plan?!?!?
4. He is arrogant/ignorant enough to not utilize all of his weapons. Where the flying **** was James Casey?!? The guy looked incredible in the preseason and made some crazy catches so why were we not running more two TE sets with Casey and Daniels?!? Can you imagine having Casey, Daniels, AJ, Slaton, and Andre Davis on the field at the same time?!?!

I am sure there are more things that could be added to this list, but this is what is really depressing me. This sucks!!