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Default Re: The All Encompassing FIRE KUBIAK thread

I think everyone needs to calm down a little bit, although I understand because I'm completely pissed and am in the middle of Cowboy country. It sucks to see every other student in this area celebrating and my room mate happy as I sit around read boards and try to come up with a reason to believe in the Houston Texans.
Maybe I'm just young, but I never got to really have a team in Houston to begin with. Even on days that suck for the Texans, I remember that atleast I have a team now and don't have to half heartedly root for the Cowboys who I was forced to grow up with because the Oilers left.
We've got a team, we've got a team that could be good, and from what I saw from the defense I can atleast keep some hope alive.
Kyle Shanahan probably isn't fit to be an OC at the moment, Kubiak needs to realize that and reclaim the offense that was so great with a decent defense and get it done. I don't want to jump the gun on firing Kubiak, I like the guy and have always hoped that McNair planned on running this franchise like the Steelers who keep a coach and let them build and continually compete. This team has made progress and gotten better talent wise, but if that doesn't show in wins then the coaching staff needs to be purged.
I always felt like we were a quarterback away, then a player away, now I wonder if we are just a coach away from greatness. I won't ever forget what Kubiak and Smith have done in building this team into a competitive one now, but if they can't get it done then McNair will have to get someone else.
I'm sure there are lots of coaches out there (Shanahan, Cowher) who would love to come back to bring a team with so much talent into the promise land.
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