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Originally Posted by Hardcore Texan View Post
As far as WR's is Hixon (Giants available), I personally think he is going to blow up this year. And if no one took Nate Washington jump on him now, I think he will end up being the #1 in Tenn. Also Chris Henry could have a real nice year. One or maybe more of those guys could be undrafted right now, these would be guys to stash on the bench and see how it goes. I will get back to you WR's worthy to trade for, I think the season needs to unfold a little before guessing on who is fading and rising.
Hixon is taken. Who would you recommend between Washington and Henry and who would you think about dropping? Also, who would you drop for one of them? I already dropped Coffee to snag the Tampa Bay defense just in case Chicago sucks it up, which they probably will this week against Green Bay.

Also, get back to me if you have a chance on who you think I could try and get for Cutler.

*edit* - I misunderstood your TE situation, hang on to Scaife since you already have him, leave him on the bench behind Carlson, Miller is not much of an upgrade but I think his upside is much higher than Texecutioner's projection.
No problem. I went ahead and held on to Scaife.

Originally Posted by Texecutioner View Post
My league that I run is a 14 man league. QB's are very heavy because we get 6 points per TD and 5 per 100 yards. I went early with a QB after grabbing Slaton with my first pick. I had to take Rodgers. He was great last year and this year that offense has been lighting teams up like a laser show. That O line is great. I'm so PRO PACKERS for fantasy this year.
Yeah, it was between Rivers and Rodgers for me. It is funny how much people seem to forget about those two. They were just behind Brees in fantasy points and both look like they might do even better this year. I went with Rodgers due to the added rushing ability and two great WRs.

I wouldn't touch Heath Miller unless I had nothing else to grab. He is one of the best TE's in the league but mainly because of his blocking. Not his receiving. He can be a nice weapon but Pittsburgh is going to rely on him more for blocking again this year because their O line is so pathetic. I just read that a day or so ago on Roto. Believe me, Miller will NOT be consistent.
Thanks man. The main thing I liked about Miller is he gets quite a few tds and has remained consistent over his career. But yes, he is mainly a blocker.

I've got Finley in both of my leagues. He is behind Donald Brown right now, but he's already been way out performing him in pre season and all reports indicate that he's dominating people in practice. They've been raving about him for weeks now and he seemed unstoppable in one pre season game I watched. He left college early after his sophmore year so he just wasn't ready completely last year. He seems ready to break out this year if they use him enough. If he is available I'd snag him up and play Carlson for now and wait and see what Finley does in the first week or two.
I will definitely be watching the Green Bay game to see how Finley looks. Where were you reading about guys raving about him? I haven't seen anything written on him or said about him.

Originally Posted by Hardcore Texan View Post
Here is team 1:

QB - B Roethlisberger

RB - A Peterson
RB - C Portis
RB - C Williams
RB - F Jones

WR - J Cotchery
WR - M Colston
WR - N Washington
WR - S Moss
WR - Roy Williams

TE - O Daniels
TE - H Miller

K - K Brown

D/ST - Eagles

This is a 12 man league, let me know what you think.
Nice team. Like Tex said, I would be a little leery of Roethlisberger. The guy seems to always get injured and they pull him at the end of games. This week should be a good chance to check out Sanchez and if he performs well, I would jump on him. He could have a Matt Ryan kind of year.

Originally Posted by Hardcore Texan View Post
Team 2, also 12 team leauge:

QB - A Rodgers
QB - J Flacco

RB - C Portis
RB - M Turner
RB - F Jones
RB - J Lewis

WR - D Jackson
WR - L Evans
WR - P Harvin
WR - S Moss

TE - J Carlson
TE - K Boss

K - J Kasay

D/ST - Jets
I like this team a ton more. I see you have Kevin Boss. He is available in my league. Should I look at him?

This is a great team all around. Your WRs might be a bit weak but Harvin could surprise and Santana Moss can put up some numbers. I had Evans last year and he was a decent starter for me. Desean Jackson (I am assuming that is who you mean) should only get better. If you mean Vincent, he should also do well.

Originally Posted by Texecutioner View Post
Campbell is my backup. He only threw 13 TD's last year though so I'm not high on his fantasy value at all.

Here's my team.

QB - Rodgers, Campbell

RB - Slaton, Benson, Hillis, Michael Bush, Mendenhall, Sproles,

WR - Ocho, Desean Jackson, Santana Moss, Greg Camarillo

TE - Dustin Keller, Jermichael Finley

IDP Defensive Player - Jonathan Vilma

K - Ryan Longwell
Nice. Are you doing two RBs, a flex, and two WRs?

Your starting QBs are great, and I love Slaton. Michael Bush could prove to be a valuable commodity as well as Hillis. I am a little leery of Benson but he has some upside and has basically been handed the starting position.

Since you have Ocho Cinco, should I try to trade Cutler for Ocho Cinco and Schaub?
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