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Originally Posted by Texecutioner View Post
I'm going to take a wild guess and guess that this is a ten man league, because you've got way to many studs on that team for this to be a 14 man league. Good players though. I don't know how someone let you pick up Rodgers and Cutler on the same team.

Rodgers is going to be an absolute stud this season. I would drop Bo Scaife and pick up Jermichael Finley if he is available though. Finley might break out this season and should have more potential than Scaife with Finley being in that GB offense.
Thanks Tex. Rep to you as well. And yes, your guess would be correct.

That was exactly why I picked up Cutler but like an *****, didn't realize he and Rodgers have the same bye week. I was so surprised when he was there that late that I drafted him without even thinking. I will definitely take a look at Finley. The thing I liked about Scaife is he has been pretty consistently average, which isn't always a bad thing.

What about Heath Miller? He is available so you think I should drop Scaife for him or would you still take Finley over him?
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