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JMHO, but you seem a little thin at WR. Except for Braylon Edwards everyone else seem to be WR3 or 4 at best. You might want to trade Cutler and get another legit No 1 or No 2 receiver and another QB. There should be some takers out there.
Thanks a ton for commenting man. Rep to you.

I definitely agree I am thin at WR. I really screwed up on the Cutler pick but it just seemed like everyone else was a reach when I drafted him, and I figured I would be able to trade him for somebody decent. So far, there haven't been any takers.

I think your RB position looks very strong. Everyone in there should have good years including Benson. Maybe you can throw in an RB + Cutler + Someone like Antonio Bryant to get a good WR + RB+ another QB.
Any suggestions on a WR you think I could maybe trade for and what I should offer as a RB? I knew he wouldn't bite but I tried trading Bryant, Cutler, and Benson for Randy Moss and Matt Schaub, but sadly the guy wasn't dumb enough to bite.

I think I would retain Bears D but it is your call.
Yeah, they played really well last year and haven't lost much on defense. I think I will hold onto them for a bit just to see how they look.

BTW, please take a look at my draft. Comments and suggestion welcome.
You got it.

Team Name : DesiTexans (Desi is a colloquial term for someone originating from India. Unfortunately I could not draft any Texans. )

Ryan, Matt QB ATL
Johnson, Chris RB TEN
Jones-Drew, Maurice RB JAC
Hester, Devin WR CHI
Owens, Terrell WR BUF
Smith, Steve WR CAR
Gonzalez, Tony TE ATL
Vinatieri, Adam K IND
Eagles DST
Favre, Brett QB MIN
Benson, Cedric RB CIN
Wells, Beanie RB ARI
Harvin, Percy WR MIN
Miller, Zach TE OAK
I think you had a great draft. My league was supposed to be a keeper league with a live auction draft and so my keepers were going to be Matt Ryan and Steve Slaton (both of which I picked up in FA last year) so I certainly like your pick of Ryan and Favre as backup. Jones-Drew will put up numbers like always, and I see some similarity in your pick of Johnson with my pick of Slaton (who I may have taken a bit too early). They both offer a ton of upside, but I am always a little worried about the sophomore slump.

Like me, I think you could have a great WR corp, but it might also be a letdown. I am and was leery of TO. He is getting up there in age and like Edwards has a ton of drops. I love the Hester pick because he will likely get some bombs thrown his way from Cutler. He reminds me a lot of Lee Evans. Steve Smith, when healthy, is one of the best WRs in the NFL. Tony Gonzalez will get his and Zach Miller is a capable backup.

Beanie Wells and Percy Harvin both offer a ton of upside, but the injuries scare me with Beanie. Benson could put up some number this year as he looks to be the #1 back for the Bengals. Doesn't seem like you can ever go wrong with the Eagles D, but I will be interested in seeing how much of an effect, if any, Jim Johnson's passing has on the team.

Overall, a very good draft and I personally like your chances better than mine. I screwed up on the Cutler pick and might have reached for Slaton. I expect even more out of Forte now that the D can't constantly put 8 men in the box against him but as you said, I could be weak at WR. Bryant could either be a major steal, or he could flop. The good thing is I think it is a contract year for him. Also, a lot rides on Braylon Edwards not having another season like last year.
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