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Seems like a lot of people are taking notice of the Texans. I'm not certain whether that is good or bad, but the expectations are starting to rise. What I have been impressed with all along from day 1 is the character of the players. Even Mr. B was a presence even though he could not get out on the playing field. Seems like a lot of the guys want to win and we have been in a lot of games we probably shouldn't have been on paper. It certainly looks like it might be coming together all at the same time. Both Offense and Defense are being talked about at the same time. If we become successful on both sides of the ball at the same time, we will be a handful and then some. Its hard to wait for the start of TC and the 1st preseason game. I'm not certain what the preseason games will tell us because of all of the people trying to make the ball club. I would bet, however, the one game we may want to win will be the one against the BOYS.
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