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Originally Posted by ledzeppelin269
Ive got a question that Im not sure many will be able to answer unless they're from the area. I'm going to Texas State next year as a freshman in San Marcos, and while I'll be coming here for almost all the home games because of season tickets, does anyone know if they show the Texans games in San Marcos? Or will I have to drive to Houston for those as well?

Im sure they show them in some sports bars in SM but didn't know if they would be on regular TV over there.
I have a friend that goes to San Marcos, she doesnt watch a lot of football, but she might know. The only problem is that she is in Germany right now with her parents. I'll send her an email for you....

but my guess is they will show most of the games because it is the state of Texas so you are zoned to get either a Boys or Texans game and the Cowboys are usually on FOX and the Texans are usually on CBS so you might miss one or two....

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