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Default Re: VY says he will be in the HOF and the next black QB to win SB

Originally Posted by SteveSlaton20 View Post
I hate the Titans as much as you do, but I could never hate Vince Young, no matter what he does in the NFL.

How could I hate the guy that helped Texas win two BCS Bowl Game? The one that promised that the Longhorns were gonna come back to Pasadena? How could I hate the guy that brought back a National freakin Championship to Austin?

Because he plays for some team that we all hate? It isn't like he choose to go to Tennessee. He left Texas so the Texans could draft him, but apparently, they didn't.

So what if he cost us some games back then? It didn't matter anyways, and it wasn't like he cost us a Playoffs. And yeah, I did cry when he ran that 49 yards TD in OT. Sure it pains me that he plays for Bud Adams, but I'll always root for him, tho never for the Titans.
Hear, hear.

I don't want him to be a bust. Simply to under-perform in a manner to unquestion our man Mario.

No matter your alma mater, how could a Texan, resident, native et al, not take pride in his performance vs USC? It strikes me as bordering on state treason!
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