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Thumbs up Re: Fan Outreach to Texans in San Antonio!!!!(please sticky)

Fellas...and ladies! I am new; I am late; and I am sorry. But I am here now, and I'm here to stay! I look forward to watch parties, bar gatherings, group hugs,...whatever/anything Texans. I am Stu and I wear the colors proudly. Glad to be onboard.
One small suggestion: Let's stop paying so much attention to that urban hick transplant from Jerryland that clogs Ticket760's airwaves. He and his bubble ars showermate are not worth mention, time, or trouble! To borrow from Cedric The Entertainer..."I wish they would [show up to a Texans event here in the Alamo City!]" We'll deal with them then. Until then,...unite.
Where's the first meet? My house is available. I just need to send the wife and kids shopping and we're good to go

I'm workin' on a pic tomorrow.
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