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Originally Posted by dalemurphy
If the poorer cover LB is on the right side, why wouldn't teams simply line up their TEs on the right? Isn't the real distinction between the strong and weak side and not the right and the left? Someone please explain why the ROLB would be needed less in coverage.
that's a bit like asking 'why is a LT valued more then a RT?' Generally, the 'strong side' is the right side of the field (left side for defense.) The key word being generally. From an offensive perspective, if you had a franchise LT why would you line up the TE over him while leaving your RT 'on an island' on a passing play. That's not to say it doesn't happen; it is all a big chess game after all. Again, I'm not saying that a player can only be a LOLB or a ROLB it's just the finer points of the position that I'm thinking about.
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