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Originally Posted by SteelBlue
My outlook on the line is not as gloomy.

Robaire Smith is a young player entering his prime. There are TONS of teams playing guys Walker's and Payne's age on the D-line, and we have no more chance of injury than anyone else does at that position (**players get hurt all the time in the NFL and come back fine). Deloach has started over 30 consecutive games and he is now our primary back up. We have young developing players in Sears and Iaone. I just do not see the need to worry so much. I feel we have a nice 5-6 man rotation right now, and are just in need of one body, imo. I'd like to see us sign one Veteran after the June 1 cuts.

This will not be Walkers last year, nor will it be Payne’s. Players get hurt all the time in the NFL. It does not mean it will happen to them again...."just because". We can still draft a lineman to develop next year. Our old guys aren't that old.

I agree, I think we fans are a little bit gun shy after our injury problems last year (not that I blame anyone for it.) I wish I had more insight into why we let Steve Martin go unsigned, when I think about the type of player I'd like to add at the June 1st cuts he's pretty much it. Thought the same thing about Ryan Young though, so I'll have to defer to CC on this one.

oh and Sears is 2 years older then payne, so he's not exactly "young and developing"
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