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Originally Posted by Frailty
The guy has the money to drive whatever kind of car he wants.
You know how many cars Jay Leno has?
Or Shaq? and You think they drive them all? Maybe 5 times a year, so does it really matter to you? It's not even a character flaw its a matter of what he likes and doesn't. Brady is a leader, on the field and off.
Here's a recap of what the article says...

1. As Super Bowl MVP, Tom Brady is allowed to pick whatever Cadillac he wants (he originally wanted a tricked out Escalade) of charge (giving "free" anything to millionaires is in itself a joke).

2. Cadillac informs him that since the vehicle he requested was not yet in production it would take a little longer to deliver (you would think a millionaire wouldn't be put off by the fact he's going to have to wait for his "free" $70,000 vehicle).

3. In April, Brady changes his order for an XLR Roadster - retail $76,200 (none of these were available as GM sold all 5,000 that they made). So GM obliges the millionaire by making another specifically for Brady. of charge.

4. Lastly, a quote from Brady summarizing his entire horrific ordeal - "I'm not driving [the] car, that's for sure," Brady said. "It's the damndest thing I ever heard. It's ridiculous."

Nah...not a character flaw at all.
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