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Originally Posted by Ibar_Harry
I just went to players and I counted 95 people on the Texans list. Because of eye sight I might have miscounted by one or two, but it seems to me there are more people on the list than you think. Again, what does that mean? Must we get rid of people before the start to TC?
I think that there are dates during and after camp and preseason to get to the 53 man roster. It is something like one day in the middle or towards the end of camp and then one after the 2nd preseason game and then you have to get the 53 man roster a couple of days after the final preseason game.

I dont believe that there is limit on the # of people you can bring to camp, but coaches want to get a better look on players at positions they need depth and experience so they cut a couple of players before camp even starts.

Dont worry about it...

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