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Of course I'm going to say McNair (of course my opinion is a little biased). IMO, I don't think a player is gonna pay the style of ball that McNair plays and not be a little more prone to injuries. He is tough in any number of different ways. Not just the fact that he continues to play when hurt (and at times when he could hardly even walk) but just in the way that he plays when he's on the field, healthy or otherwise. I don't know that I have ever seen Favre shake a defender off like a limp dish rag the way that McNair can.

For kicks lets compare though. According to's injury lists for each player (since 2001)...

Steve McNair injuries...
01/07/2004 Questionable Ankle/calf
12/31/2003 Questionable Ankle
12/24/2003 Questionable Ankle/calf
12/17/2003 Questionable Ankle/calf
12/10/2003 Questionable Ankle/calf
12/03/2003 Questionable Calf
11/26/2003 Questionable Calf
11/23/2003 Day-to-day Right calf
09/17/2003 Questionable Knee
09/14/2003 Day-to-day Dislocated right finger
09/10/2003 Questionable Knee
01/16/2003 Questionable Thumb
12/26/2002 Questionable Ribs/back
12/18/2002 Questionable Ribs/toe
12/12/2002 Questionable Toe/ribs
12/04/2002 Questionable Toe/ribs
11/27/2002 Questionable Toe
11/20/2002 Questionable Toe
11/13/2002 Questionable Toe
11/06/2002 Questionable Toe
09/18/2002 Questionable Neck
09/15/2002 Day-to-day Right shoulder, concussion
01/06/2002 Day-to-day Back spasms
01/02/2002 Questionable Back
12/26/2001 Questionable Back
12/19/2001 Questionable Back
12/12/2001 Questionable Elbow
12/05/2001 Questionable Elbow
11/21/2001 Questionable Thumb
11/14/2001 Questionable Thumb
10/24/2001 Questionable Ankle
10/03/2001 Questionable Shoulder
09/20/2001 Questionable Shoulder
09/09/2001 Day-to-day Right shoulder
01/03/2001 Questionable Ankle/toe

Brett Favre injuries...
11/26/2003 Probable Thumb
11/12/2003 Probable Thumb
11/05/2003 Probable Thumb
10/29/2003 Probable Thumb
01/02/2003 Probable Ankle/knee
12/26/2002 Probable Knee/ankle
12/18/2002 Probable Knee/ankle
10/30/2002 Questionable Knee
10/20/2002 Day-to-day Sprained left knee
10/09/2002 Probable Elbow
01/16/2002 Probable Back/side
01/09/2002 Probable Side/back
01/02/2002 Probable Side/back
11/29/2001 Probable Back

Now when you take into consideration the number of games that Steve McNair played when he was QUESTIONABLE vs. the number of games that Brett Favre played when he was PROBABLE... even on paper it should be obvious which one is tougher.
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