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Default Re: Need more proof that VY has some maturity issues?

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His main problem is he's overating himself as a Qb when all signs point to him not being very good at it on this level. There's no doubt he can contribute on the pro level, it just not at Qb. The sooner he realizes that the faster he can get back on the field.

I disagree. Plenty of QB's have had first and second year seasons comparable to VY's. Kerry Collins had a worse rookie season than VY. Their second seasons VY would have the edge save for his int-TD ratio. But besides that, if you look at the production VY showed steady improvement as a QB from his first to second year. You can even look at Eli Manning's second year and it's comparable to VY's. Eli still hasn't actually had a completion percentage higher than VY's second season.

I look at all the guys around the leauge who have busted as QB's or have not been much better, but yet have been given multiple opprotunities to play the position, and IMO, VY deserves the same chance.

We can argue about his INT-TD ratio and whether or not it's a correctable problem, but besides that there is really no debate about whether the guy was improving as a player...especially when you compare him to other guys who have played early...

He may never be a top tier QB, but I think that he can atleast provide the same value at the position as some of the second tier QB's if he is willing to humble himself and accept tutelage...

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