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Default Re: Sausage King "Making it Rain"

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I'm kinda with Tex on this 1. This is a non story & imo has no bearing on anything about the kid as of late. The only reason it's getting the headlines it's getting is b/c Pacman Jones has linked a negative connotation to the term "making it rain" & b/c it's the offseason & we have nothing to talk about.

Check out mario doing the unspeakable.

By the way, this was the same offseason he was caught on video "racing" his lambo. I didn't hear too much about it here back then & i don't hear anyone questioning his maturity or if his teammates follow him as a leader of the defense now.

I remember quite a few people who questioned his maturity when it came to the Cars and making it rain...In fact, Mario himself admitted that it was a problem:

It festered in college. The addiction only grew worse once he was given a six-year, $54-million contract as the 2006 draft's top overall pick.

Williams tried keeping it private, never wanting to use it as an excuse for a lackluster rookie season. But now that the Houston Texans defensive end is a budding star, Williams is willing to come clean.

He was hooked.

On cars.

Snicker if you will. Even Williams says the premise "sounds stupid." But when an off-field issue begins to affect a player's focus on football, it becomes a much more serious matter.

"I know this is off the subject," Williams said Tuesday while discussing his burgeoning NFL career. "But seriously, that's probably the biggest thing I had to overcome my satisfaction of just having cars."
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