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Originally Posted by Ibar_Harry
If as posted the statments concerning Palmer are true, then this is one of the most inept organizations I have seen. As a manager having explained to an employee what has to be done, the employee says I don't see the problem he should have been fired on the spot. Wait one more year Vinny! People are crazy. I'm laughing so hard its not even funny, because almost everything I have said about this coaching staff and the players in many ways is coming true. Its tragic, because this ball club and its players have been totally mismanaged in my opinion. I have stated we will have to empliment another 5 year plan. A player can't make a mistake in this organization, but a coach can exhibit total disregard of his evaluations can continue on as he pleases. And you wonder why the older key players say its time to move on. Sorry, but the organization is very sick and it will take another 2 or 3 years to clear the coaches out. I think we will be lucky to win 3 or 4 games this year. You chided me for the Titans and look at what they got. Many think they did exceeding well in the draft. I think they stand a good change to beat us, because of the QB and the coaching. Those of you who think we will get two wins from them without a struggle are just blowing smoke. Ladies and Gentlemen we have major problems and we need a whole lot of good coaching and I just don't see that happening. I really wish it wasn't the case. Parcells may be a you know what - and I really don't like him at all - but he does know what he's doing. AG might even become next year's most valueable player. Wouldn't that be a hoot. I still say the injury bug decimated any plans this ball club had. We have yet to recover totally from them. That is just bad luck and I don't think its the coaches fault, but what is, however, is the inability to recognize the problem and to begin to move forward with a new plan. Oh, well, good night and god bless the Texans.

This absolutely the best post I have ever seen in regards to the Texans. We got behind the 8 ball early due to injuries and not only have we never recovered, we have never adapted or altered our team gameplan. I am telling you now, if we have more than 2 (total) linemen go down, offense and defense combined, we are screwed. Our depth is an embarassment. And here is why we win no more than 6 games this year...all the other teams see what I see but they see more details. They will be coming after Carr like they've never done before.

They say this is just a business. Well, businesses fail every day unless they adapt and make their weakness their strength. Our weakness is both of our lines...sad. :brickwall
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