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Mike Williams got a raw deal. He was lead astray by the NFL into believing he could go into the draft and so deserves to be allowed back into school.
The NCAA eligibility rules didn't change, the NFL rules changes. He was wronged, but by the NFL. The NFL should satisfy him (supplimental draft or suit), not college football.
True .. the NFL kept changing the rules, but they are the ones who enticed him to come out..and they are the ones who got him into the dangling position.
1. How did the NFL lead him astray into believing he could go into the draft? It wasn't the NFL's decision to allow underclassmen into the was a judge's.

2. True the NFL rules were changing. But who was changing them? The league certainly never compromised their position...everybody knew where they stood all along. If you want to put blame on the rules changing...blame the courts.

3. did the league "entice" him to come out? They didn't tell him that if he came out some team would pick him in the first round. Nobody had to tell him that...he already knew it. The league can't promise anything to anybody.

I do believe he should be allowed back into school and back on the field. He only did what he thought (at the time) was what he'd be able to do. He'd have a stronger case had he not hired an agent (before you're drafted, what's the point of having one?). But there's not much he can do about that now.

I don't believe any blame should be laid at the feel of the NFL. Like Williams, they were only doing what they were told they were allowed to do (first they had to let underclassmen in...then they didn't). But their position never changed.
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