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Our receivers are not known for running precise routes which is required for timing routes. I'm well aware of what excellent receivers running precise routes can do to another team. I will let others comment on the ins and out of this process, but I'm concerned about our receivers ability to get to the spots on time as well as remembering where they are suppose to go. AJ needs to work on routes and so does Mathis. To rely on this as a way to shore up the O-line does bother me given the tendencies of our receivers. Everything points to BJ as being a plus in this area, but he hasn't played for quite awhile. If Carr can release to Mathis deep in a shorter period of time because of his speed, then we might catch a team or two by surprise, but that would be picked up on in a hurry. Therefore, I really believe the O-line itself must give David more time if we are to be successful offensively. I don't believe the timing routes are going to be effective until David is given more time. He throws a line drive, and if the receiver isn't on the same page, you could see a lot of interceptions. The other team is going to try disrupt what the receiver is trying to do. This means your receivers have to be able to get off the line of scrimmage, fake their coverage and get to the spot on time. If the defense is better at running your patterns than you are then you are in a lot of trouble. For example, Manning and Harrison work endless hours at this process. I do not see or hear of our receivers and David putting in the required time to run these kinds of routes. I believe AJ goes to Florida and Carr stays in Houston. These two need to know each other like the back of your hand. That's what makes affective combinations like Unitis to Barry, Star to McGee, Montana to Rice, and Manning to Harrison. They literally can run their routes in the dark. These combinations also have had the uncanny ability of knowing when the other is deviating and adjust accordingly. Its poetry in motion.
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