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The problems we should have addressed last year were both the O line AND the D line. On the surface it appeared that we did address the O line in offseason moves last year and while changing the blocking scheme. The problem is that Palmer (i d i o t) didn't watch enough film to know that Carr would need the additional pass protection from either lining up the TE behind the LT or in using the fullback as more of a pass blocker. Jeez, who can't figure that one out? But again, last year it was said that we would be using more 2 TE formations and that should've been adequate but it wasn't.

This year should've been the year we addressed the D line since we supposedly addressed the O line last year and what did we do? 16th pick we took Travis Johnson who might end up being pretty good. We signed Seth Payne to some ridiculous contract for someone his age and, once again, coming off a season ending injury. Just stupid in my opinion. Once again we have absolutely no depth on the D line unless you call Travis Johnson the depth. Now if we took Johnson to replace Gary Walker then what kind of a bonehead move was that last year by giving him a ridiculous contract?

Either way, if we have more than one injury on either of the O and D lines, we're screwed. We have no depth on either lines and we still haven't addressed it. But I'll tell you this...the next coaching staff will.

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