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Personally I dont. If you have played football at a higher level than high school you know that an O-line that plays together for an extended period time gets better. That is the thought here. I mean the HOGS of the old redskins days were not that good until a year or two of playing together (used that reference cause a special was on ESPN Classic last night). I like most of our draft, I dont like Morency and Brown, and I believe those picks could have been better used on a CB, DL, OL, or later round RB. I also dont like the fact that we did not go after some of the better undrafted freeagents such as Jamal Brimmer, Walter Reyes, Ben Wilkerson, or Earnest Shazor. But I am not gonna ***** about it, because I feel that we have improved in some areas. LB is not one and we are weaker at CB now, but other areas that we focused on have improved, wait am i contradicting myself. Ahhh nevermind, but we did address our number 1 concern this offseason and that is getting speed and fixing the system. Looking forward to our season.
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