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Can't say that I am a big fan of the 2 back set as a steady formation. Once in a great while, perhaps, but not often. I personally am impressed with our FBs - Baxter and especially Norris. I like the FB leading the RB (2 back formation), but not 2 feature type backs in the same backfield. Defenses usually react so quickly to that, there is nothing to guess about. And neither DD or Hollings can block as well as say - Norris.
With that said, I look for Davis to dominate the touches from the backfield regardless of who we are playing. He is no fluke, or flash in the pan. He can run tough, has great instincts, is quick as lightning, and will give any defense problems that he faces. I also think he is more tough than he gets credit for. Behind Norris, I look for the Dominator to be the key to our successful offense next year. As far as Hollings - he will be a nice change of pace back, and will give DD needed "breathers". We are fortunate to have both RBs. Tony H. may actually become the featured back one day. But I wouldn't look for it to happen next season.
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