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lol..... im loving this when i started this post all i really wanted to do was find out the opinion, on the effect babin would have on the team. I mean obviously one player does not make a team, but he does contribute to the success of the team.

Now there are lots of people who are talking about 22 men, team sport, etc which is all very honurable and all, but the truth is you are going to have a better chance of success if you have the best individuals in each position. The job of building a team, as such, is down to the coach's.

now what i wanted to know is what effect do you think babin will have on our team? how much of a upgrade is he? for his first year, and for his texans career.

The case of Glenn is a good point if we had of had him for the games he missed how many do you think we would have one? you see one player can and will make a diffrence.

my personal opinion is that Babin gives our team a better rushing threat on the qb, that alone should (Hopefully) change the way other teams play against us. Now even if babin does not put up great individual stats, i think that our rushing stats for the team will improve overall because of his presence.

Now does that sound about right to anyone?
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